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CareLend Germany is the leading company in consulting medical nurses in Germany. The company is part of the Meineagentur24 Group which has 17 years of experience in the field of consulting doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists in Germany. The company prides itself on being the only company in the world that has these three features:

  • 17 years of experience in the field of consulting nurses in Germany
  • The company controls the full process from the finest German language training, all the way to the nursing license and post-work services.
  • The company operates in different countries in the world

The key to our success is being a client-centric organization. We strive to provide the highest service quality. Throughout the whole process, we provide care in an individualized manner.

CareLend India is responsible for all the operations of CareLend Germany in India. It offers global expertise with local insights. Our Head office is in Ahmedabad with branches across India.

Meineagentur24, being the sister company of CareLend, has been consulting medical professionals in Germany since 2004. The company has received over 43,000 job applications. We are proud to have access to more than 2000 potential employers in Germany.

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CareLend, where dreams come true


Salaries of 2065€ during the adaption program.


Starting salary of around 2700€ after completing the adaption program.


Starting salary can be around 3000€ based on years of experience and specialization.


Free education and health for family members.


Operation team is available before & after traveling.


Spouse & Children can join applicants after 3 months if certain conditions are met. We provide full guidance.


Guaranteed employment contract for at least 2 years.


Opportunities for promotion.


The number of working hours per week is 38.5 hours.


30 Days paid vacation per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Germany needs hundreds and thousands of nurses in clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. In 2018, a nursing job in Germany is recorded as one of the highly demanding jobs. Germany is a friendly and safe country for families. If you are married then, you can bring your spouse and children to germany after 3 months you arrive in germany and settle there. Aside from the way that you need to learn german, you will have significant pay and a satisfactory quality of life compared with some other country.

In specific conditions, it is feasible to apply for a registered nursing license prior to obtaining a B2 German language endorsement. This is done on a step-by-step analysis. For additional details, get in touch with us. We are glad to help you.

This is the best chance for you to secure your life and your children, also. If you are a skilled nurse with the required qualifications, come to us and explore your opportunity abroad.

Carelend provide the key benefits of nursing adaptation programme:

  • Salary will be provided during the nursing adaptation program.
  • Able to obtain the license to work as a professional Nurse in Germany which also qualifies her to work anywhere in the European Union.
  • Provide german language training, nursing license and post-work services.
  • Competitive salary packages.
  • Guaranteed employment contract for at least 2 years.
  • Free education and health for family members.

The feature of a nursing job in Germany is a very high salary package. Nurses in Germany usually earn a salary around 2700 to 3000 euros/month which is the highest salary in the European countries.

YES! Your Spouse & Children can join after 3 months if certain conditions are met. We provide full guidance.

We have effectively demonstrated our mastery in obliging nursing applicants in placement-assured courses in Germany. We give full support to begin working in Germany with our nursing adaptation program. 

Our advisors are very much aware of the procedures and documentation needed for seeking your career as a nurse in Germany. The most attractive thing is that your course in Germany is totally free and you will get 2065€ every month as an allowance during the adaptation program.

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