Why CareLend?

Why CareLend?

-The founders of CareLend are the same founders of Meineagentur24 (MA24). The latter has 17 years of experience in the recruitment of foreign medical professionals in Germany. The years of experience translate into excellent relationships with a significant number of various medical facilities in Germany. It also means that we will cater for various issues faced by our clients outside and inside of Germany.

-CareLend and its sister company MA24 have excellent reputation in Germany in terms of its product delivery and the excellent quality of the nurses in terms of language, technical skills and integration abilities.

-CareLend is one of the very few companies in Germany that doesn’t require you to sign a fixed term contract with a health care facility. All our clients have the option to decide whether they want to relocate to other employers. We will assist throughout the whole process.

-CareLend will charge in return for its recruitment services only after starting the full employment post the adaptation program. The only cost paid to CareLend before your departure is the language training fees.


-CareLend has crafted its language courses in such a way that typically matches the requirements of our clients in Germany. Yes, we rely on textbooks but there are other vital tools in enriching the language spoken, written, read, and heard by our nurses.

-The operations team in CareLend Germany will provide you with full 2 years of service once arrived in Germany. Examples of the services include heling in the reunion process with the family members (spouse and kids only), all matters related to legal issues in Germany, assistance in accommodation and other living issues.

-CareLend will lead you throughout the full process outside and inside of Germany. We never work as an agent. We are principals in all what we do.

-CareLend will optimize the total cost and time involved in the entire process.

-International presence in three different continents serving medical professionals.


Vision statement

Inform, educate and inspire medical professionals to pursue their goals in Germany

Mission statement:

The best value-for-money partner in facilitating CareLend Germany operations in Egypt starting with the finest German language education experience and ending up with the smoothest and most individualized documents processing

The 6 values for Carelend:


Commitment to clients





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